Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4 Tips to Maintain Bright Coloured Hair and Fashion Colours

Here's the deal, everyone was a newbie with fashion colours at some point, and this is a how to guide on basically how to deal with it.

Now, just to warn you, I am not, by any means a professional, I am just a veteran in dying my own hair and I've damaged it beyond belief in the past and I've also managed to get it back up to its sort of normal form.

Just as a fair warning, I've added some pictures of my hair throughout the ages, however, I cannot seem to be able to find all of them. I have gone through quite an array of colours over the last year!

Also, the tips I recommend may not be applicable to all hair types, this what worked for me for quite a while.

I have fairly dry, frizzy and thick hair.

1. Forget about washing your hair. 

There's a reason everyone mentions this, because this is the reality of the matter. If you wash your hair daily that beautiful blue shade you dyed your hair will inevitably turn green before the turn of the week.

I personally wash my hair once every week, and if I can stretch it, basically if it's not summer, I will push it to once every 2 weeks.

How do I do this?

Easy, my scalp really doesn't get all that greasy anymore.

If my scalp gets way too greasy then I just do the following
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Talc Powder - I normally put this on my scalp, let the excess oil get absorbed and then rinse with lukewarm water. 
As fair as dry Shampoos go, Batiste is my friend 

2. Once you do get around to washing your hair, the type of shampoo is key. 

It really is important to make sure that you do not, and I repeat DO NOT bother using any shampoos that contain Sulfates or paraben, 


Well, Sulfates are what makes that lovely foamy texture when shampooing, you really do not need that in your life as it is also what overly strips your hair from its natural oils and makes hair dye fade that much faster.

The only thing is that this does take some getting use to and finessing with the product to get it all evenly on your scalp.

I am currently using the Body Shop's Rainforest Radiance Shampoo. 

3. Conditioner/Hair Mask/ the thing that bleached hair really needs. 

Realistically, you're not going to wash your hair often, so I would say go to a hair dresser and invest in a good moisturising keratin infused conditioner. 

Prevent them split ends, and the ends of your hair will not fade too quickly. 

Also, if you use conditioner based dyes like Manic Panic or Directions, just mix whatever you have left in your conditioner, and this will keep that hair all nice and vibrant.

4. Heat/UV protecting hair serum. 

Heat and UV tend to damage your hair and break the colour down. 

You need something to protect it. 

You'll thank me for that later. 

Currently I'm using CHI

Greasy hair = healthy hair, stop washing that darn hair. 
No nasty shampoo
Get that sweet conditioner
Prevent that damage with some serum. 

To help these colours last and last well, it is important to repair your hair whenever damaged. If you can get your hands on an Olaplex treatment, perhaps if you do your hair at a salon, then the extra 10-20 one would spend for that is well worth it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Makeup Academy MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Review

Makeup Academy is a British drugstore brand, and it is incredibly affordable. In this post I'll be talking about the Velvet Lip Lacquer

I had purchased this set a while ago. However, I have only now decided to write about it.

I forgot the initial price of this entire set, however, I do remember that these liquid lipsticks are £3 a piece (3.47 Euro). Not like they're going to break bank anytime soon. 

From left to rightPotent, KookySymphonic, MoxieVivacity, RecklessZest, Tranquility

The colour payoff is amazing - aside from Potent, I found it is a little patchy!

Staying Power? 
Eh, So and so, not too good, not too bad either. Lasted a couple of hours. 

Plenty of dryness though, but I do think that is the general curse of liquid lipsticks, they also flake off after some time, normally at the 3 hour mark depending on whether or not you've eaten or drunk anything. 

It's definitely worth the money, especially due to the colour range and also the fact that you can just test out new colours that you perhaps wouldn't have previously tried without having to splurge an obscene amount of cash. 

That alone makes it worth the pennies, and also the fact that they are decent quality lipsticks with amazing pigmentation, a good colour range and also decent wear time. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

SkinFood Banana Concealer First impressions & Review

What? A review? After so long?

Yes, and it's another skin food product. 

Now, I have a love and hate relationship with skin food. Their products are reasonably priced but they are generally a hit or miss scenario. 

I had tried out their salmon under eye concealer. That didn't work out for me at all it felt too thick and at the same time it didn't cover much. 

Needless to say that wasn't a success... 
But then again, their eyeliner was fantastic...

So I decided to try out their banana concealer. 

It's light weight, it's easy to apply, it doesn't go everywhere I don't want it to go. 

Well, that's a vast improvement!

But again, as far as concealers go, it doesn't conceal very well. Or at least I have to use a whole lot of it to get a flawless result. Alas! It's a great daily concealer. 

Displaying 2015-03-22_21.36.34.jpg
Here's a before and after shot of my make up. If you haven't noticed, I used the concealer to cover up my dark circles.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Makeup Store Lipstick: Black Orchid Review

I am a sucker for deep lipstick colours, especially dark purples and deep reds. 

So I decided to wear this gorgeous deep purple colour tonight. I absolutely adore it and honestly it is was one of my favourite purchases of this year. 

Ga-de Foundation
Ga-de Translucent  Loose Powder
Makeup store lip liner in Russian Bordeaux 
Makeup store Lipstick in Black Orchid 

Update 2016:  As far as colour goes, it's still gorgeous.
I've recently revisited this lipstick and here's the breakdown.
So patchy.
Why you so patchy?
Stahp it lipstick stahp.

My point is this. It's expensive for eh, not great of a quality, price wise that is. It's on the higher end of the scale - I believe something along the lines of 23 Euro.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Snow White Review

Oh sweet sweet NYX. I do love your product prices and the fact that everything looks gorgeous and affordable.

Now as you can probably see, the date I took this photo does not reflect the date I am writing this post. This is because I made an attempt to love this lipstick, with all my might. The colour is stunning and the texture is soft, but it's tendency to smudge is a little annoying

The packaging is a little flimsy, it broke after being dropped by my cat one too many times. But the product is still there and I can still use it, so there's nothing much to complain about.

It does need a lip liner to stay on longer. Though I do not think that its staying power is that strong overall.

But hey, it's cheap and it's pretty. What more do you want?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

D&D Dice Pouch

Oh hello there! Haven't seen this place in a while, i guess I've been trying to avoid  the laptop for the past couple of months. Taking up new hobbies and all, drawing, sewing and D&D.

Therefore I decided to incorporate sewing and D&D into one adorable little dice pouch that I am loving right now.

It is made out of the scraps from the dress I am making.

Oh! And I started DMing now, there is something so satisfying about trying to kill off all your friends(Including my boyfriend dearest)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Make up Pet Peeves: The Spider Lashes

Everyone loves having longer, neater and generally voluminous lashes. But this look just simply takes that same concept to a whole new level.

For this particular tutorial you will need:
Mascara, lots and lots of mascara. 

I am using I Heart Extreme by Essence. 

In order to achieve this look you need to follow the following 7 steps

Step 1 - Apply Mascara
Apply generous coats of mascara onto your lashes


 Step 2 - Apply some more Mascara
Make sure you coat even the smallest hairs of your lashes.

Step 3 -Apply Mascara
At this point you'd start considering the possibility of wearing false eyelashes instead of following this tutorial, but do not fret! Your giant clump of mascara will soon start to form.

Step 4 -Apply Mascara

Don't forget your lower lashes!

Step 5 - Apply Mascara

Lets face it, you didn't apply enough mascara during step one, don't be stingy! 

 Step 6 - Apply Mascara
I said, don't be stingy with your mascara, apply more!

Step 7 - Apply Mascara
This should be the final result.

Actually, scrap that. Apply more. 

4 Tips to Maintain Bright Coloured Hair and Fashion Colours

Here's the deal, everyone was a newbie with fashion colours at some point, and this is a how to guide on basically how to deal with it. ...