Sunday, October 20, 2013

D&D Dice Pouch

Oh hello there! Haven't seen this place in a while, i guess I've been trying to avoid  the laptop for the past couple of months. Taking up new hobbies and all, drawing, sewing and D&D.

Therefore I decided to incorporate sewing and D&D into one adorable little dice pouch that I am loving right now.

It is made out of the scraps from the dress I am making.

Oh! And I started DMing now, there is something so satisfying about trying to kill off all your friends(Including my boyfriend dearest)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Make up Pet Peeves: The Spider Lashes

Everyone loves having longer, neater and generally voluminous lashes. But this look just simply takes that same concept to a whole new level.

For this particular tutorial you will need:
Mascara, lots and lots of mascara. 

I am using I Heart Extreme by Essence. 

In order to achieve this look you need to follow the following 7 steps

Step 1 - Apply Mascara
Apply generous coats of mascara onto your lashes


 Step 2 - Apply some more Mascara
Make sure you coat even the smallest hairs of your lashes.

Step 3 -Apply Mascara
At this point you'd start considering the possibility of wearing false eyelashes instead of following this tutorial, but do not fret! Your giant clump of mascara will soon start to form.

Step 4 -Apply Mascara

Don't forget your lower lashes!

Step 5 - Apply Mascara

Lets face it, you didn't apply enough mascara during step one, don't be stingy! 

 Step 6 - Apply Mascara
I said, don't be stingy with your mascara, apply more!

Step 7 - Apply Mascara
This should be the final result.

Actually, scrap that. Apply more. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

SkinFood Choco Smoky Waterproof Eyeline Jam Review

I am quite happy! I received my lovely little jar of gel liner today.
This eyeliner comes with a little brush located at the bottom of the jar, at first I found it rather annoying to get out due to the sticker. But that's okay, I removed the sticker and it's all good now. I love the addition of the
tiny brush, I thought it was such a cute idea! I use it pretty regularly, I really like that it's so tiny and it is quite thin. I might actually like the brush more than the product it self.

I do like this, but sadly it does have a slight tendency to smudge on my face if I get very sweaty. Maltese spring/summer is really not the ideal weather for any sort of make up wear even if it is meant to be water proof.

I also think this is incredibly affordable - it was about 7 euro(approx. 9 dollars).

So I guess, yes I would recommend this. As I've mentioned before, I like the addition of a little brush and it's application is very smooth and incredibly easy to use. Be warned! It does tend to stick to your face when dry, so there is little room for error.

Over all, it's pretty good. Not the best liner I've ever used, but for the price I am very happy with it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Knitted Cat Toy

I have learned that cats seem to love wool, I have noticed this because as I was knitting a scarf for myself my cat decided it would be a great idea to try killing the wool. So I thought, this is a violent red and he seems to enjoy attacking it. The scarf idea just turned into a toy for my kitty.

I am quite the newbie at knitting, heck I am quite a newbie at everything really.

Taking up crafts this year really helped me make my world a little more colourful day by day. A little touch of your own always makes your surroundings feel more in sync with your personality.

 So the little do it your self idea was to create a little knitted toy for Percy, which didn't turn out as expected so now it's a square, because squares are easy to knit.

As you can probably see, he doesn't go easy on this, it's been used and abused. I suppose it is his way of telling me that he wants more stuff to wreck.

It is stuffed with rags that I was going to throw away.
Meet my little monster! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green tea and room decor therapy

I feel like I am wasting more and more time as my exams approach. It is as though as I am a master procrastinator. It has reached the point where my room is beautifully clean whilst my mind is just a clutter of thoughts that usually include "AHHHH! So much to do! So little time!"

Also, my attempt at quitting coffee is failing, I keep trying to replace it with green tea so I won't be as erratic and neurotic. Though my efforts seem to be futile. I keep going back to my lovely highly caffeinated beverage, I feel like I cannot pass my upcoming exams without it. To reach a compromise with my own mind, I now drink coffee only until 6 pm and then switch to green tea.

Therefore the end result of my procrastination was to finally make something somewhat pretty for my brushes, because they were initially scattered across my vanity. So now it's all pretty and neat!

I've only used a glue gun a handful of times, so it looks slightly messy, but I overall I am pretty happy with it. I don't know why, I think it's probably the giant flower and the sparkles.

All the items stuck on the glass are from a random haberdashery, except for the giant flower. That's a broach from my flower girl dress from when I was 11.

Monday, January 14, 2013

My attempt at Decorating my Room

Oi! You, yes, you there. Hey.

I had a mission today and this mission was to revamp my room in some way or another. I wanted to make it more girly and to stand out a little more.

But hey, I got an idea. I had some left over beads and black ribbon from my dark and broody days so I decided to create something with it.

This is what I've ended up with

Beads - Peacocks. 3 euros
Key and Lock Charms - Jennyfer's (completely optional, I just thought it looked cuter on my mirror than on a pair of shorts.)
Black Ribbon - Some Dodgy looking store in my hometown.

I grabbed the ribbon and tied it on the corners using the mirror's hooks to give it some support.  After which I tied a double knotted bow to keep the beads in place in between them.

Honestly, without the Charms this ensemble costs about 5 euros at most. I don't think Peacocks stock this necklace anymore since I got it about 5 years ago, but any beads work.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Morning

Welcome to my little world of happiness.
I am what you'd consider a young adult striving to find their place in the ecosystem of society. Here is where I share my life, creations and musings. You can call me an amateur DIY enthusiast since I started getting into this sort of thing fairly recently.
My friends refer to me as the "Future Crazy Cat Lady". That is pretty self explanatory, I love cats. To be exact, I love my cat. He is a little hyper monster that requires lots of love and attention. In fact he is one of the main reasons why I started getting into DIY. He tends to wreck most of his store bought toys so I decided to be cheap and make all his toys. This is proving to be very cost efficient and he seems to be enjoying the home made toys a lot more than the store bought ones. 
I've never really blogged before. So I suppose here comes nothing. Hopefully I'll update this on a regular basis

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