Monday, January 14, 2013

My attempt at Decorating my Room

Oi! You, yes, you there. Hey.

I had a mission today and this mission was to revamp my room in some way or another. I wanted to make it more girly and to stand out a little more.

But hey, I got an idea. I had some left over beads and black ribbon from my dark and broody days so I decided to create something with it.

This is what I've ended up with

Beads - Peacocks. 3 euros
Key and Lock Charms - Jennyfer's (completely optional, I just thought it looked cuter on my mirror than on a pair of shorts.)
Black Ribbon - Some Dodgy looking store in my hometown.

I grabbed the ribbon and tied it on the corners using the mirror's hooks to give it some support.  After which I tied a double knotted bow to keep the beads in place in between them.

Honestly, without the Charms this ensemble costs about 5 euros at most. I don't think Peacocks stock this necklace anymore since I got it about 5 years ago, but any beads work.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Morning

Welcome to my little world of happiness.
I am what you'd consider a young adult striving to find their place in the ecosystem of society. Here is where I share my life, creations and musings. You can call me an amateur DIY enthusiast since I started getting into this sort of thing fairly recently.
My friends refer to me as the "Future Crazy Cat Lady". That is pretty self explanatory, I love cats. To be exact, I love my cat. He is a little hyper monster that requires lots of love and attention. In fact he is one of the main reasons why I started getting into DIY. He tends to wreck most of his store bought toys so I decided to be cheap and make all his toys. This is proving to be very cost efficient and he seems to be enjoying the home made toys a lot more than the store bought ones. 
I've never really blogged before. So I suppose here comes nothing. Hopefully I'll update this on a regular basis

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