Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green tea and room decor therapy

I feel like I am wasting more and more time as my exams approach. It is as though as I am a master procrastinator. It has reached the point where my room is beautifully clean whilst my mind is just a clutter of thoughts that usually include "AHHHH! So much to do! So little time!"

Also, my attempt at quitting coffee is failing, I keep trying to replace it with green tea so I won't be as erratic and neurotic. Though my efforts seem to be futile. I keep going back to my lovely highly caffeinated beverage, I feel like I cannot pass my upcoming exams without it. To reach a compromise with my own mind, I now drink coffee only until 6 pm and then switch to green tea.

Therefore the end result of my procrastination was to finally make something somewhat pretty for my brushes, because they were initially scattered across my vanity. So now it's all pretty and neat!

I've only used a glue gun a handful of times, so it looks slightly messy, but I overall I am pretty happy with it. I don't know why, I think it's probably the giant flower and the sparkles.

All the items stuck on the glass are from a random haberdashery, except for the giant flower. That's a broach from my flower girl dress from when I was 11.

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