Monday, April 29, 2013

Knitted Cat Toy

I have learned that cats seem to love wool, I have noticed this because as I was knitting a scarf for myself my cat decided it would be a great idea to try killing the wool. So I thought, this is a violent red and he seems to enjoy attacking it. The scarf idea just turned into a toy for my kitty.

I am quite the newbie at knitting, heck I am quite a newbie at everything really.

Taking up crafts this year really helped me make my world a little more colourful day by day. A little touch of your own always makes your surroundings feel more in sync with your personality.

 So the little do it your self idea was to create a little knitted toy for Percy, which didn't turn out as expected so now it's a square, because squares are easy to knit.

As you can probably see, he doesn't go easy on this, it's been used and abused. I suppose it is his way of telling me that he wants more stuff to wreck.

It is stuffed with rags that I was going to throw away.
Meet my little monster! 

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